A tattoo for a couple is a bold step that allows partners to be more confident in each other, count on the stability of relations. The meaning of the tattoo for a couple is largely determined by the people who apply them. The symbolism of the pattern manifests itself when combining a tattoo with each other. There should be a feeling that a single image was deliberately separated and placed on different people. One tattoo for two is the trend of recent seasons, which has become popular thanks to famous movie stars. For example, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker made a tattoo for a couple with the date of their wedding.

However, you should be warned that making such a tattoo involves a lot of commitment, and you should do it only if both of you are in agreement to make one, not because of the enthusiasm of one of you. Maybe you are forcing this idea on your partner, and they don’t really want to do it. Find out how to stop being clingy and make your partner’s life a bit easier.

Where to place a tattoo for a couple
There are no particular restrictions on where it is better to apply a couple tattoo. There are the most common places for a tattoo for a couple:
• hands and wrists
• shoulders
• fingers
• neck
• ankles

The choice depends on your own preferences. If you want to declare your step to everyone, then make a tattoo in open places that are always accessible to prying eyes, for example, hands. For those who want to make a little secret out of a tattoo, all other parts of the body are quite suitable.

A tattoo for a couple: philosophical meaning
Philosophically speaking, “couple” is a peculiar expression of the number 2. In numerology, it is considered a symbol of the struggle and unity of opposites. According to psychology, soul mates are people of different “poles” who are invariably attracted to each other.

Like black and white, yin and yang, a tattoo for a couple are combined into a single whole, representing one composition. To do this, just combine the drawings with each other. Each independent half looks a bit flawed without a partner by your side to complete the picture.

A tattoo for a couple implies the presence of some hidden meaning, a love story, cooperation, or friendship. Such images are rarely applied for the sake of beauty. In such tattoos, the gamut of torment, aspirations, and deep feelings is encrypted.

Tattoos for lovers
A tattoo for a couple can be equated to the category of characters. Most sketches are used to express the feelings of lovers. Most often, symbolic patterns are chosen with a key on one hand and a keyhole on the other. The composition symbolizes the open soul of both partners, trusting relationships between them. There are a lot of sketches of paired tattoos. People with a sense of humor replace the classic drawings with the image of a socket and a plug with a wire, bolts, and nuts, etc. To emphasize the unity of thoughts and preferences, sketches with puzzle pieces that perfectly fit on the body of partners allow you to. Images with barcodes and halves of the infinity sign are popular as well. The sign of infinity is one of the lovers’ favorite symbols. It has no third-party meanings, except for the infinity of relationships and love.

The line of cardiogram symbolizes the continuity of feelings of lovers. The line symbolizes the emotions of partners, this is life itself. By portraying a cardiogram on the body, the couple emphasizes that their hearts beat in unison.
Reminder tattoos

Such tattoos are not related to each other, these are 100% independent images. To get such a double tattoo, the girl chooses a drawing that reflects all the associations about the guy, and vice versa. For example, a girl is fond of dancing, and a guy is a cyclist. It will be appropriate to depict a tattoo with a curved silhouette on the guy’s body and a vehicle on the girl.

A tattoo for a couple: lettering
Many feelings and emotions are not easily expressed in the form of images. Only correctly chosen words are capable of this. It is the phrases, mottos, and beautiful sayings that often become a sketch for display on the body as a tattoo for a couple. The words that the couple wants to leave on their bodies should have a deep meaning or contain important information for both partners. This is a peculiar motto of their life, which will invigorate and give strength in difficult times. A tattoo with inscriptions is a great opportunity to reflect the basic principle of tattoos for couples. To do this, one inscription is divided into two halves, so that it is possible to read it only when connecting the images. Such a tattoo should be very symbolic and truly beautiful.

A tattoo for two is a kind of protective amulet that gives good luck in all aspects of life. It is designed to combine the strength and energy of two people into a single whole, to bind their lives and penetrate the most secret feelings for each other.